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Welch Chromatography columns for HPLC, UHPLC, GC, Flash Chromatography columns, Guard Columns, Trap Columns, Ghost Peaks buster columns, SPE systems, consumables and accessories.

Ultisil Series:

  • Proprietary surface modification for smooth, uniform and inert silica surface.
  • Long column lifetime and more injections.
  • Unique bonding chemistry and endcapping technology.
  • Exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • Excellent peak shape, especially for polar, acidic and basic compounds.
  • Available in analytical and prep types, of all dimensions and sample sizes.
  • Series of stationary reversed phase and normal phases for wide selectivity.
  • Best value – high premium products with very competitive price.


Xtimate Series:

  • Xtimate is Welch Materials’ new premium HPLC column series. Xtimate is the product of several years of continuous research on advanced surface modification at Welch Materials, Inc. There are two types of Xtimate HPLC columns, those based on Hybrid Silica-Polymer packing materials, and those based on pure polymer media.
  • Compared to mid-range priced Ultisil series of premium quality, hybrid silica-polymer particles based Xtimate HPLC columns are our next generation products with superior performance, especially excellent peak shape for strong bases, and extended lifetime at high pH range, making those columns most universal HPLC columns for a wide pH range applications.
  • Besides hybrid surface on silica materials, we also developed PS/DVB polymer based materials for saccharide separation in Xtimate columns, including PS/DVB、Saccharide-H and Saccharide-Ca


Welchrom Series:

Combination of perfect peak shape and low back pressure

  • Perfect peak shape and low back pressure
  • Ultra high purity(>99.999%) Type B silica particals
  • New bonding and endcapping technique
  • Very economical price


Ultisil UHPLC Series:

  • UHPLC column means high column efficiency,symmetry peak shape and good resolution, and faster than the common column. Welch introduced Ultisil UHPLC(1.8μm) column based on our strong research advantage. 
  • There are many different bonding phases in Ultisil UHPLC family. Now we have these bonding phases: XB-C18, AQ-C18. Ab-C8, XB-Phenyl, LP-C18, Polar-RP, Xti-C18.


Ultisil Chiral Series:

Welch Materials has four kinds of polymer coated chiral columns based on silica, including Ultsil Cellu-D, Amy-D, Cellu-S and Amy-S.80% of all racemic compounds could be separated by those four chiral columns. Chiral Amy-D and Chiral Cellu-D are the most used chiral columns.

  • Excellent resolution of racemates.
  • Fast and easy method development.
  • Durable and long lifetime.
  • Smooth transition from laboratory to development, pilot to commercial-scale production.


GC Columns:

  • Capillary Columns
  • Packed Columns

Download PDF: Welch Columns